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Product User News

Find out how Corporate Affiliations users leverage company information or executive profiles to achieve success.

Reliable corporate content can provide Recruiters with an easy and cost-effective way to research and best place clients

May 2014

Are you as thorough as you can be in your job search?

Quora, May 2014

6 Ways To Boost Sales Team Effectiveness Using Corporate Families Data, May 2014

Be prepared for Sales Opportunities and make Quality Connections by using a Corporate Hierarchy data tool, March 2014

Avoid research overload by spending less time in finding the information you need

February 2014

Manage Lead and Customer Data through a Reliable & Accurate CRM solution

Nova Creative Group, December 2013

Gain new clients and close more sales by using business information for competitive intelligence

CI Stream : International Journal of Competitive Intelligence & Business Strategy, December 2013

Receive reliable and factually accurate information for your business meetings

Marathon County Development Corporation (MCDEVCO), November 2013

Corporate Affiliations – Using Business Research to Help Grow Your Local Economy

Marathon County Development Corporation (MCDEVCO), November 2013

Understanding the Value of Information by Using Reliable Sources

Acumen Management Group, Ltd., July 2013

When Evaluating your Investment Options – Comprehensive Research is the Key.

Carpe DM Stocks, June 2013

Opportunities to better align your sales database information with targeted marketing campaigns.

Nova Creative Group, May 2013

Prospecting can make a big impact on sales growth when keeping business challenges in mind., April 2013

When looking for new sales leads, traditional sales tools can still provide consistent results!

National Association of Sales Professionals, April 2013

Recognize the many ways to research and gain market knowledge using company research.

National Association of Sales Professionals, February 2013

Gain edge on the competition using executive moves alerts in your career research!

Business 2 Community, January 2013

When gathering business intelligence using a reliable educational resource provides accurate and detailed profiles.

Marathon County Development Corporation (MCDEVCO)

A gateway to company research and career explorations for business and management students

McGill Library, November 2012

Accurate corporate profiling for students entering today’s business world.

Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management

Assisting with company research, presentations and tracking the business world changes for students.

Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management
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Corporate Affiliations data is compiled by the LexisNexis Enterprise Entity Management Group.