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Find out how Corporate Affiliations users leverage company information or executive profiles to achieve success. Overview

Learn how the company and executive information in Corporate can open the door to opportunity.

Risk Management

Find out how understanding the complexities of a corporate structures can mitigate risk for your organization.

Public Libraries

Discover how library patrons can use the business intelligence found in

Data Services

Frustrated by the quality of your data? Our custom content solutions can give your data a boost.

About Corporate Affiliations corporate family data

Corporate Affiliations proprietary parent and subsidiary relationship data is more insightful than what can be found on the open web.

The Power of Corporate Family Information

Our Red Paper, authored by Robert Berkman, editor and founder of The Information Advisor, highlights how organizations can leverage corporate structure information.


Explore the ActiveCheck infographic to see our comprehensive approach to data capture and maintenance helps to ensure our data is Accurate, Complete and Timely.

User’s Guide

Download the complete user’s guide to

Corporate Affiliations Tutorial

Check out this video tutorial created by one of our Library customers for its patrons.


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Corporate Affiliations data is compiled by the LexisNexis Enterprise Entity Management Group.