The ACT of Content Quality

ACT – Accurate, Complete & Timely.


Delivering accurate content requires a combination of technology and people. While technology can confirm whether data is present or not, it cannot judge right or wrong. People can identify the accuracy of the data, but the process is labor intensive. Corporate Affiliations balances both solutions for an effective approach that also ensures the accuracy of our business intelligence.


Our goal as an information provider is to offer comprehensive company information. While not every record will provide data in every available data field, Corporate Affiliations has internal programs in place to continuously look for gaps in coverage so we can close them.


Timeliness is a critical facet of data quality. Corporate Affiliations keeps abreast of breaking news headlines, as well as year-end annual filings. Since, private companies are not required to file many public-facing documents, our process also includes monitoring additional sources and contacting companies personally to maintain the most up-to-date information possible.

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Corporate Affiliations data is compiled by the LexisNexis Enterprise Entity Management Group.